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Seminar 1
Transition With Ease - Downsize Considerations



Not sure where to start? Overwhelmed with all the tasks that come with downsizing? There's a lot of information and misconceptions when it comes to downsizing & selling. Expectations vs. reality of the timelines and the process may not relate to your specific situation, community area or property value. We'll uncover the deeper logistics and behind the scenes of what needs to happen to plan for success, including factors affecting pricing, market metrics today, and what to do with unwanted home contents. Attend for a chance to win prizes!

In effort to educate and assist families or individuals to understand their options and support them to make appropriate decisions to fit their needs. Topics include: Types of care, when to consider, what to consider, cost analysis, planning ahead & more. This is an interactive seminar with a chance to win prizes! 

Kingsway Aurora - April 16th at 11:00am (Seminar 2)

Delmanor Aurora - April 24 at 2:00pm (Seminar 2)

Chartwell Park Place - April 26 at 10:30am (Seminar 1)

The Renoir - May 1 at 2:00pm (Seminar 1)

Glynnwood Retirement- May 15 at 2:30 pm (Seminar 1)

Glynnwood Retirement- June 13 at 2:30pm (Seminar 1)

Newmarket Senior's Meeting Place - May 16th at 10:00am (Seminar 1)

Newmarket Senior's Meeting Place - May 30th at 10:00am (Seminar 2)

Amica Newmarket - June 6 at 11:00am (Seminar 2)

Sunrise Aurora - June 21 at 3:00pm (Seminar 2)

Check back for more dates soon!

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Seminar 2

Support & Considerations When Exploring  Retirement Communities 


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