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  Transition With Ease™   

Overwhelmed by the selling process? Not sure where to start? Unclear about the next steps and want guidance for your unique needs?

Transition With Ease can help:


Step 1. Consult

Step 2. Prepare

Step 3. Promote

Step 4. Sold



1. Formulating a custom plan for you starts with your needs. Here we learn about you, your property, and your timeline. We establish the framework to sell your property efficiently and define the level of involvement you need.

With unwavering dedication, patience and commitment, we'll be there every step of the way. 

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2. With an understanding of your timeline, we make recommendations on preparing your property. This includes decluttering, organizing, cleaning, dispersing, selling, packing and more. We can manage all the details to make the process seamless and sell your property for the best possible price.

Getting your property ready for sale requires planning ahead and leaving enough time to make sure it’s in tip-top shape for photography, open house and showings. Part of this is the physical condition, but an equal or larger part is the appearance inside. Having support and guidance for who to call and what to do with the items or contents NOT moving with you is where the Contents Management Guide will offer more clarity. Use this component as part of the package to help Transition With Ease

Looking to start the process before we meet? Download my Downsizing Strategies Checklist:

3.   Building a custom advertising plan helps reach the broadest audience. This is where we thrive! We effectively promote the property’s best features with a unique mix of targeted online and offline support.


The property is photographed professionally in 1 day, and these are used in the marketing material. With the right plan, we'll find the right buyers - backed by our 35 point advertising strategy. 

4. We promote and protect your best interests by negotiating the most favourable terms of the sale. That’s why every effort is made to ensure we do the appropriate preparation and promotion for you from the start.

During the conditional period, we coordinate and manage the buyer visits, inspections, home appraisals and provide support to meet any other conditions required to complete the transaction.

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